Traveling Dog Lady: A to Z Challenge, Day 2: B is for Black Cats #atozchallenge

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A to Z Challenge, Day 2: B is for Black Cats #atozchallenge

I'm taking poetic license and going slightly off-theme for today's "B" topic (just slightly), to talk about black cats.

Black cats get such a bad rap.  It's that whole Halloween-superstition thing.

Ooooooooo!  I'm soooo frightennnnned!

Are people still superstitious about black cats crossing their paths?  I remember, when we were rebellious teenagers, we would say, "Nah, it's GOOD luck when a black cat crosses your path."  The adults would look at us as if we were possessed by Satan.  On the other hand, the Japanese believe a black cat crossing one's path is good luck.

Statistically-speaking, black cats are the last to be adopted from shelters... more accurately, they are often overlooked or ignored altogether by potential adopters.  There is even a thing called "Black Cat Syndrome", which is not a disease, but a statistic that shows that the color of an animal plays a definitive role in cat adoption.


Last night, lying in bed composing this blog post in my head (yeah, that's how I "write"), I started trying to remember all the black cats I've had.  You can read more about my black pets in this post from February which was Adopt a Black Shelter Pet Month, but I wanted to showcase them again.   Here's a list, by memory, of my black cats (in chronological order!):



Love Kitty

Mr. Kitty

Louise  -- not pictured --   (Louise, who was with us in the early 1990s, was actually a feral cat, but she lived in our garage, and we fed her.  She did live in the house for a while, but she was so feral she wasn't about to have any of that house-living!  Although she did enjoy sitting on my lap on occasion.  I have no pictures of her.  Her name came from the fact that she sneezed, a lot.  "Sneeze Louise")

Tux is sleeping in the basket on my desk as I write this, as he does every day :)

Honorable mentions (the calicos, who are/were predominantly black):


                                          These are two different cats, photos taken 35+ years apart!
                                               Uncanny resemblance on the markings!

[Gee, such original names! LOL!]

Don't believe all the myths about black cats.  They aren't true!  Black cats are awesome!
I've adored and treasured the many cats who've crossed my path, especially the black ones.

But maybe I'm a witch.

Tell me about your black cat(s) in the comments!

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