Traveling Dog Lady: A to Z Challenge: F is for Feline Body Language #atozchallenge

Monday, April 7, 2014

A to Z Challenge: F is for Feline Body Language #atozchallenge

I'm laughing my crazy cat lady head off looking for graphics to share for this one!

Unlike dogs, whose body language is pretty easy to read in comparison, cat body language is almost stereotypical.  Think of the cartoons, or The Official Grumpy Cat -- don't they always show cats with the same expression on their face, whether they be happy, sad, angry, upset?  It's true!

Well, I was looking for serious graphics or infographics to show cat body language, and some of them actually show nearly the same picture for every stance!!

Seriously, look at their ears first (just like dogs!), then tail, then whiskers (of all things!).

Ears:  Ears forward and up means a happy or alert but relaxed kitty. Ears twisted backwards, but still up, means he is ready to pounce (aggression). Ears flattened against head and all the way back -- not good!  That means she's afraid and ready to kick your....____

Tails:  Tail held high and not poofed out means kitty is happy to see you and friendly.  Tail curved over the cat's back and poofed out means she is afraid.  Tail straight down can me a couple of different things and they're either aggressive or ready to defend themselves.

Whiskers:  Good luck!  See infographic below!!  Ok, whiskers pointed down at 5 and 7 (on a clock) means your feline friend is angry!  Think of a frown.

Here are a some of my favorite kitty body language infographics I found today.  Many thanks to the various websites who displayed these infographics.  If you are the owner of the infographic and wish for me to remove it from this post, please contact me and I will do so at once.

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  1. Spot on. Because of a serious miscalculation last spring, I have 11 cats at the moment. Only 3 boys left to prevent any further miscalculations. Communication with cats is easy...The body language helps...but mostly you just have to do what they want :) Thanks for your post.

    1. lol a miscalculation!! Yes, that is true, cats really are the leaders of the pack!


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