Traveling Dog Lady: A to Z Challenge: Y is for Ol' Yeller

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A to Z Challenge: Y is for Ol' Yeller

I haven't ever read the book "Old Yeller" by Fred Gipson. Nor have I seen the movie.
I'm afraid to, especially now that Hobie is getting so old.  I know what happens in the end.  Doesn't everybody?

Gil calls Hobie "Ol' Yeller" sometimes.  It's funny, I crack up every time!

Old Yeller, of the book & movie, was a "cur".  That's what they called them.  We know that Hobie (and most of the other mutts in the northeast with black mouths) are part Black Mouth Cur.  That is a breed, not recognized by the AKC, but recognized by other dog clubs.

In the book, and movie, Old Yeller sires some puppies, and the boy (now older) raises one of the puppies.  The puppy is called Savage Sam, and a sequel was written and a movie made -- both were called Savage Sam.

Here are some pictures of Black Mouth Curs.  Don't they look at lot like Hobie?!

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  1. Ol' Yeller is a great's tough to take, but you should watch it.


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