Traveling Dog Lady: A to Z Challenge: Z is for Zoomies #atozchallenge

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A to Z Challenge: Z is for Zoomies #atozchallenge

Ever since Charlie Brown came home with us, he's had the zoomies each day.  I think it's pretty hilarious, Gil isn't very amused (at least not outwardly).  Our house is small, small, small.  And this dog is big, big, big.  When he was a puppy, Charlie would get the zoomies and he would zoom up onto the furniture and push off like a swimmer pushing off the side of a swimming pool.  He would zoom along the ground really low, but at high speed and then bounce onto the couch and chair.  It was hysterical.  I never was able to get a video of it, I would just be laughing too hard.

Today, the zoomies have taken on a more "adult" configuration.  Funny enough, Charlie and his brother Cooper do the zoomies exactly the same way that Hobie and Hector did.  But the second pair never ever saw the first pair partake in the zoomies!!  I think it's just the configuration of the house.  We have a long hallway, dining room and living room that are configured in a square.  Very 1950s "Cape Cod" style.  It's a small area, but they really get going and they chase each other around and around and around the square.  There's a lot of barking and growling, but it is all in fun.  They are boys, after all.  The funniest part is when Charlie waits on one of the corners for Cooper to appear either in front of him, or behind him.  It reminds me of a cartoon or a Three Stooges skit -- Cooper will often sneak up behind Charlie, and then Charlie will do the "Oh no!!!!" thing like a cartoon character and start running with Cooper in hot pursuit.

It is nearly impossible to get video of these guys "zooming".  I don't know if they get intimidated by the camera, or if I'm just laughing too much, but either way as soon as I take out the camera, they calm down. But anyway, here are a couple of attempts:

Don't worry, they beat the tar out of each other all the time.  
Boys will be boys.

See how they slowed down as soon as I picked up the camera?!

I've been taking part in the April Blogging from A to Z Challenge.  I got sick in the middle of it, and still managed to sort of cheat my way through and complete every letter!  I'll get my little badge and display it on the site shortly.  Thanks for reading, everyone.  Much appreciated!!

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