Traveling Dog Lady: A to Z Challenge: G is for my admiration of Grumpy Cat #atozchallenge

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A to Z Challenge: G is for my admiration of Grumpy Cat #atozchallenge

Imagine being the pet parent of Grumpy Cat, and realizing you have just adopted a rock star?!

How did they know, when they brought this creature into their lives, that she would "go viral" in the internet world?

Unlike the cartoon character of Garfield, or the fictitious, groomed-for-Hollywood TV star, "Morris", Grumpy Cat was born this way.

Her real name is Tardar Sauce.  That's not a mis-spelling.  They spell it with a "d".

I bet she isn't really grumpy.  I bet she's a big love bug who cuddles with her family and rubs against their legs while they're trying to walk, and kneads their chests when they'd rather be sleeping at four in the morning.  I bet she gets the zoomies after she uses the litter box, just like every other cat.

And look!  It says right here, she's a normal cat!

My mother used to say to me, as I was leaving the house to go to school (I hated school), "Wear a smile."  Sometimes co-workers will walk by my office and stop in their tracks and say, "Oh, my God! What's WRONG?!"  I'll look up from whatever I'm doing and say, "Nothing, everything's fine."  It's just the natural look on my face -- I can't help it!  I don't always "wear a smile"!

I can relate to Grumpy Cat.

You can follow Grumpy Cat's blog, "The Daily Grump", here.

Or on Facebook, here.

I didn't get asked to blog about Grumpy Cat, and I'm not getting paid or anything.  I just like Grumpy Cat, and I had to write about something starting with the letter "G" today, so I picked Grumpy Cat.  Besides, last week it was her birthday!

Photo of Grumpy Cat, courtesy of's press release
announcing Grumpy Cat's endorsement deal with Friskies.

In a not-really-related story, stuffed animal toys made in the image of Grumpy Cat by the company, Ganz, have recently been recalled due to a choking hazard on some of the parts.  I'm sure this has made Grumpy Cat... well.... grumpy.   C'mon, Ganz!  Get it together will ya?!


  1. Ha ha haaaa!!! I wrote about Grumpy Cat for my G day as well! And really, that's the only letter of the alphabet that really matters, right? Because G is for Grumpy Cat!!!
    Hurray! marci :o)

    1. LOL! You did!?? That's hilarious!!! We love Grumpy Cat! We love Grumpy Cat!!


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