Traveling Dog Lady: 52 Snapshots Challenge, Week 1: New #PGSG #52Snapshots

Friday, January 2, 2015

52 Snapshots Challenge, Week 1: New #PGSG #52Snapshots

Blogging to you from our NEW room in a NEW year, it's me... and my faithful sidekick, Hobie, who turns 15 years old in just a couple of days!!  We're taking part in the photo challenge 52 Snapshots of Life, led by our friend Christina at The Lazy PitBull.

Over the spring and summer, I not only injured both of my shoulders carrying Hobie up and down the stairs, and also realized he was living in a 5-foot world which seemed mightily unfair.  The poor guy was using our gorgeous deck as his bathroom, and basically had no activity other than to pace around in circles between our very small living room, our not-dining room (ha ha, that's a joke), and kitchen. Everyone in the household was becoming increasingly sad about this, most especially the Hobester himself.

I was not happy living in a five-foot world :(
I hear tell that the next big thing is "Tiny Houses".  Well, lemme tell you, I am an expert at living in small spaces.  We've had a tiny house for a long time -- a few of them, actually.  A couple years ago, we had begun renovating portions of our basement because the floor was falling apart.  The further we went along, the more it became clear that the remainder of the basement just looked yucky in comparison to the new parts, and quite honestly -- we needed more space!

This is what the laundry room used to look like.
It also became increasingly clear that I was never going to sleep again unless I started living on the same level of the house as Hobie, since I had been up half the night, nightly, carrying him up and down stairs each time he had to relieve himself.  Old dogs can't hold it in like they could in their younger years, you know; and besides, I'd do anything for my dog... anything.

On October 17th, I saw (and met, and got my picture taken with) Cesar Millan "The Dog Whisperer" for the third time.  Such a thrill -- he is such a nice man and he puts on a terrific and very funny show onstage!  The next day, the room was finished and the new bed was delivered.  I carried Hobie down the stairs one last time and into our NEW room on October 18th!!

Charlie "claiming" the bed!

Ma! I like my raised bowls in my NEW apartment!

This pic is blurry, but... Look, Ma!  No stairs!!

I've been sleeping down there every night since, with Hobie, the other two dogs, and sometimes a cat or two.  Hobie once again has full access to the back yard, and we feel it has added significantly to his quality of life.  He now goes out for "walks" around the yard as often as he wants (yeah, sometimes in the middle of the night!).

As a matter of fact, I've gotta go let him out now.... he's doing the Ol' Dog Pace.

Until next week!  Happy NEW year!!