Traveling Dog Lady: 52 Week Snapshot Challenge, Week 4: Dream #52Shapshots #PBSG

Saturday, January 24, 2015

52 Week Snapshot Challenge, Week 4: Dream #52Shapshots #PBSG

Here we are on week number four of 52 Snapshots of Life, a weekly photo challenge hosted by The Lazy Put Bull.  Already?!  Week four!!

This week's photo topic is DREAM and I happened to have noticed this was coming up a couple weeks ago, so I took some photos of Hobie sleeping while I had the chance.  He's so old and hearing-impaired now, that when he sleeps, he is practically comatose.  It can be quite disconcerting, and I find myself checking to be sure he is breathing quite often these days.  He also falls asleep with his eyes open, which is kinda creepy.  Sometimes, I'll find him with his tongue hanging all the way out of his mouth, sound, sound asleep, as if he is on anesthesia, or something.  Ah, I just love the ol' guy. During this photo shoot, he didn't even know I was there, taking pictures of him.  I hope my readers and followers enjoy the photo gallery this week for....


I cut his nails later on that same day!  Horrified!!  lol

Sound asleep, with one eye open.

Bonus pic!!  The pack, sound asleep!