Traveling Dog Lady: 52 Week Snapshot Challenge Week 2: Music #52Snapshots #PBSG

Friday, January 9, 2015

52 Week Snapshot Challenge Week 2: Music #52Snapshots #PBSG

We're taking part in the photo challenge, 52 Snapshots of Life, led by our friend Christina at The Lazy PitBull.

This week's theme is Music, and so it was super easy for me to know what I was going to photograph. My favorite musician is Tori Amos, so that part was easy.  

How to include the pets in the photo was the question.   It was a toss-up between Tux watching Tori Amos videos on my computer, or Charlie Brown watching Tori Amos on the TV with me.  I chose the latter.

YouTube video of Tori's show in Boston from 2011 -- I was sitting right near the person who filmed this video, so watching it on YouTube, on the flat screen, is very close to being there all over again.  And yeah, we had really great seats!

Charlie often watches TV.  This time with a rawhide bone in his mouth for extra oomph.

Almost like being there!

What we were really looking at - and yes, he really watches!!  He's been known to watch a whole movie with us!