Traveling Dog Lady: 52 Week Snapshot Challenge, Week 5: Winter #52Shapshots #PBSG

Saturday, January 31, 2015

52 Week Snapshot Challenge, Week 5: Winter #52Shapshots #PBSG

52 Snapshots of Life, week 5
This week's challenge topic for the 52 Week Snapshot Challenge (hosted by The Lazy Pit Bull), is WINTER.  Well, living here in Massachusetts, the subject matter for photos this week was a no-brainer!  Winter Storm Juno unloaded 34 inches of snow in our back yard.  We even closed our office last Tuesday -- something we have only done a couple of times in the three decades we've been operating from our barn up on the main road.  It's not stopping there:  today we have dangerously low temperatures and howling wind, Monday there is expected to be another foot of white, fluffy stuff!

Just five of the EIGHT Subarus driven by me and my co-workers, in the driveway at our office.  Mine
is the black one, 2nd from left, with all the dog magnets on the tailgate.
Note reflection of humongous snowbank in barn window.  We love our 1850s farmhouse and barn!

Ho-hum, I've seen it before... this is still "nothing" compared to the Blizzard of 1978.  And when I say that, boy, do I sound OLD! I was a senior in high school when the '78 blizzard happened, and I always remember thinking "Some day, when I'm OLD, I'll be telling people about this."  Well, here I am.  Sigh.

I took so many photos this week, and already posted many on social media, but here is my selection of faves from the Blizzard of 2015.

This one makes me laugh every time!  Cooper's head bobbing out of the snow, like a seal at the ocean!

The shoveled "tunnel" is higher than Hobie
Good grief, Charlie Brown!  Are you eating snow?

Glad for the soft, fluffy snow... otherwise, they'd be able to just walk right over the fence.