Traveling Dog Lady: 52 Week Snapshot Challenge, Week 3: Joyful #52Shapshots #PBSG

Saturday, January 17, 2015

52 Week Snapshot Challenge, Week 3: Joyful #52Shapshots #PBSG

This week's theme for 52 Snapshots of Life, a weekly photo challenge hosted by The Lazy Pit Bull, is "Joyful".

Our house isn't exactly joyful, it's more like stressful!  I'm just JOKING!!  I'm kidding!!  Here are our furkids expressing their joyfulness.

l-r Cali, Newman, Cooper and Hobie find it JOYFUL to hang out with Mom while she works and sips her morning coffee.

Charlie Brown's favorite joyful activity is treeing Mr. Squirrel in the back yard.  No matter what the weather, he'll locate his friend Mr. Squirrel every morning, chase him up a tree, and holler about it until I go outside and congratulate him.  I think Mr. Squirrel likes the game just as much as Charlie does -- he plays every morning, too!

He's up THERE!

He's down THERE!

A-rooooooo!!  Squirrellllll!

And now, from a different perspective.

Last, but certainly not least, is our somewhat anti-social kitty, Tux.  His passion for joyfulness centers around food, food, and more food.  Secondarily, he likes to sit on the desk while I'm (trying to) work!

No, don't work!  Play with meeeeeee!